Rules to keep everyone happy.

1. Frowns are not allowed at Ridge Ranch Campgrounds. If you have one, leave it by the septic tank and get it when you leave.

2. Leashes must be accompanied by a dog, unless in the dog play area. Ridge Ranch has a pretty mean dog catcher. Please pick up after your pet.

3. Fishing is allowed, but check at the Store/Office to see which ones you are allowed to take out for dinner. Some of our fish are to young to date yet and others are far to old.

4. Don't argue with the hired help, they are all experts. They just don't look the part.

5. YO - All you kids 12 yrs and younger, make sure you have an adult with you when you go swimming. There is no life guard on duty and your parents like to feel needed. (It also gives them a chance to yell at ya)

6. Boy - Come 2:00 Tomorrow, ya gotta be on your way, or someone's gonna charge you for another day.

7. Your neighbor has to stop fishing and or swimming by sunset. Please respect their quiet time so they can get their rest.

8. Our Raccoons' bed time is 11:00 PM. Please respect their quiet time so they can get their rest.

9. Please keep the bathroom clean. Our old janitor gets crabby very easily.

10. Beach Rules:
     1.) Whistling at girls is allowed if they are over 6 ft.
     2.) Only dogs certified in CPR and first aid are allowed on the beach.
     3.) Please limit your snail collection to 1000 per day.

11. Please, Please, don't, don't let your little one put rocks in the sewer pipes. Boy does that make the next camper MAD! MAD!! MAD!!!

12. Please report any u-boats sightings to the management.

13. Please do not move our fire ring and picnic tables. They have motion sickness and we want them to keep healthy.

Relax, you’re with friends!